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What is ABAP in SAP?

By now, you will surely know that SAP is one of the leading computer software in the business world, thanks to the important features it offers for the administration and management of countless processes.

But beyond that, have you ever heard of SAP ABAP? Probably not, so we’ll explain it to you below.

What is ABAP SAP? The first thing you should know is that ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programing, which translated into Spanish means Advanced Programming for Commercial Applications.

Briefly, it is the language that developers use to program all the products in the SAP suite.

What is the goal of SAP ABAP?

Without any doubt, SAP is an ERP with extraordinary capacity, which can be even more exploited when custom-made developments are used using the ABAP programming code. In this way, new functions adapted to the requirements of your company can be added.

Even the use of ABAP SAP is more recurrent than it may seem. Well, in the vast majority of cases, companies appoint a technical team for the development and maintenance of the solution. In order to create the perfect symbiosis between what SAP offers in the standard and the “enhancements” that the business may need.

ABAP features in SAP

The characteristics of the ABAP programming language for SAP make it very attractive for business environments. Here we will talk about some of them:

  • It is specific: This means that ABAP SAP, will allow you to develop responses for specific events. That way you can get the answer you need for each case.
  • It is integrated with SAP: This will easy its usage, as it is easily accessible in the SAP environment itself. Just look for the ABAP option within the solution.
  • It is comprehensive: With ABAP SAP, you can make developments that involve both the generation of reports, the way to interact with SAP, extra functionalities, and a long etcetera.

Why is ABAP important in SAP?

It is important to understand the scope of ABAP, as it allows you to understand everything that happens within SAP. This is because the entire software is written in the ABAP SAP programming language.

In addition, the development possibilities are very extensive. You can create very different utilities for each specific case.

In short, ABAP SAP is important because it opens up a new dimension in terms of the things you can do through SAP.

What value does  ALL SET Consulting bring with ABAP?

At ALL SET Consulting, we have the SAP technology service, where we have an expert technical department, among other things, in programming and development of SAP solutions, using the SAP ABAP programming language. Our participation in different projects at functional and technical level, help us to quickly understand the needs of our clients, and how to solve them in the most efficient way.

Do not hesitate! Contact us, and we will be happy to help you.