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On-site Training

SAP End User Training – Key success factor for SAP Implementations

The implementation of SAP software is a huge operation that brings many changes in the organization. The implementation process can take several months, and it involves most of the staff in the organization i.e. from SAP technical support people to the business users of the SAP software. As the process of SAP implementation is aimed to achieve streamlined and efficient business, it is therefore very important that proper training is provided to the employees for the following reasons:

  • Allows the employees to be more effective at using the SAP software
  • The employee-training part is mandatory for its capability to maximize future revenues
  • The end user training helps in motivating people and thus creating more user-friendly products.

This step of SAP end-user training plays a key role in successful SAP implementation; hence it should be included in the project plan so that it gives core business team and extended team good visibility of the comfort of the users in using the newly implemented SAP software.


SAP eLearning Training for All

You can have custom eLearning with hands-on simulations and role-based training courses. Ask for onboarding training for new hires. Step-by-step end user training simulations or configuration training for IT analysts. Even overview courses for Executives and Managers. You'll get assessments, quizzes and hand-outs. We can even turn old boring PowerPoint presentations and Word documents into engaging online lessons.

  • Turn your paper-based training content into eLearning.
  • Customize training based on your business processes.
  • Train twice the people in half the time with less cost.
  • Use your SAP system, your data, your configuration.
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