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SAP Outsourcing Services

We are your team!


Reimagine your projects with ALL SET Consulting!

How can you be successful focusing on productivity, taking into account emotions, level of commitment and good workforce management? The answer is to improve the EXPERIENCE.


As SAP specialists, the success of our SAP Consulting company is based on attracting the best talent. Our professionals, experts in the acquisition of talent around the world, are supported by true SAP consultants to analyse the competencies of the candidate and we provide the tools for their self-development within the organization.

In this time of great change, agility is essential for organizations to take advantage of the skills and competencies of our SAP consultants to be able to change quickly and adapt to new markets, products and services.


We can help you in that change!


If you are looking for innovative solutions in the SAP outsourcing of recruitment and talent management in your company, you just have to contact us, summarising the profiles you need for your company and we will respond as soon as possible with the SAP consultant that best suits your needs and expectations.

Our main SAP Outsourcing services are


The importance of giving a good reception to your company is in your hand


Experts in personnel selection are supported by true SAP consultants to get the best talent for your company


Creating positive SAP experiences for you, your employees and stakeholders


Improving your team’s performance with the correct KPIs


Saving time and costs. You will exponentially improve the work environment of your company with greater staff retention


Our turnover is very low: 0%. They trust our talent management and we will help you managing yours in the best way


Providing personalised and confidential training with the help of the latest tools to bridge the gap that may exist between where a person is and where they want to be

In this time of constant change, the great asset for Human Resources (HR) and companies in general are their employees. Leaders of all industries and regions are navigating uncharted territories, with significant changes in personal and professional life, managing emotions. Now more than ever, organizations must listen and respond to ensure their customers and employees feel safe, healthy, informed, engaged, and productive

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