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The last and most important step after a long SAP implementation is Training. We need to guarantee that users can continue with their daily operations without disruption.

“How will I do in SAP what I do today?” This is the most common question we get from users after an SAP implementation.

How do you ensure that business processes are executed correctly in SAP if users do not have the right training material?

Employees changing departments or leaving the company can have a big impact if they leave with the SAP knowledge and there is not a proper training program and material.

We can design your training program, create the content and even deliver the training to maximize your SAP investment. What makes us different is that we are not just trainers, we are SAP experienced consultants who will cover all your training needs. So let us become your SAP Training Consultants and cover your SAP Software Training needs.

Our SAP Training services include:

  • SAP Implementation Training as part of your project:
    • Deliver the initial training sessions to make sure your team has a solid base to start discussing SAP processes and requirements.
    • Develop training content based on the SAP processes. E-Learning, quick guides, etc
    • Conduct training sessions before the Go Live to consolidate the knowledge and guarantee a smooth transaction to the new SAP system
  • Training after your SAP implementation project: we can develop your training plan, create the content based on your current processes, conduct refresher sessions to the users, etc. The goal is that users can use SAP to maximize their daily tasks
  • Corporate SAP Training Plan: creation of your end user training plan to make sure your users have the right skills to execute each daily task
  • Other SAP training services: please ask what you need and we will surely be able to help you

If you want to know more information about SAP Training Services and SAP Technology read our blog.

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