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SAP C/4Hana

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Do you have relevant information from each client? Are all your products available in time and quantity?Are you fulfilling the planned delivery time required by the client?.

With the purpose to give an answer to all these questions, SAP has developed a revolutionary tool for CRM market, SAP C/4 HANA. This new technology has raised customer experience, stablishing a trust relationship that remains over the time.

The classic concept of relationship between companies and customer has changed. From an user point of view, it´s possible to think in a new generation ecommerce, an app or a multi channel pressence. Not only the sales process should improve but marketing tools have to be connected as well and provide the accurate information so the businesss can provide the best possible service.

The main components of SAP C/4HANA are:

- SAP Marketing Cloud. It´s an app which contains the client profile, marketing campaings…

- SAP Commerce Cloud. It´s an app that allows the companies to know what and when the item is needed thanks to ecommerce experience provided by the clients.

- SAP Sales Cloud. It´s an app that enable the sales force to react actively to sales opportunitys ad keep relationshisp with clients.

- SAP Service Cloud. It´s a mobile app to help the technical details of deliveries and services provided.

- SAP Customer Data Cloud. It´s an app used by the companies to allow the customers to control their confidential and personal data with the purpose to be transparent.

ALL SET Consulting has the tools and resources for making your customers requirements come true. We have developed a reputation for ensuring the supply of last technology and digital transformation, in a fast and cost-effective way. Our vast experience in the sector guarantees to deliver SAP solutions thanks to the official certifications issued by SAP, gathering the best talent in the industry with a deep expertise management best practices.

Choose ALL SET Consulting and let the talent and innovation be part of your development. Imagine your future.

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