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What is SAP ECC?

SAP is, undoubtedly, the software that leads the market for business and administrative assistance. However, this level of popularity is not a product of chance, but of the great benefits it offers.

It is a very broad software that manages to satisfy all the requirements of any organizational division within a company.

This is only possible thanks to the facilities offered by sections such as SAP ECC … In this case with an orientation aimed at more commercial uses.

By now, you might be wondering what is SAP ECC? We will explain it to you below.

From a generic perspective, SAP ECC is the successor to SAP R3, and therefore the predecessor to SAP S/4Hana.

SAP ECC is the core of everything! It is the central unit through which all the events that we manage through SAP for your business turn.

Do you want to know more about it? Then keep reading.

SAP ECC modules

The SAP ECC product is made up of several modules that can work independently or be integrated to offer everything your company needs and ensure the integrity of the data.

Here are the most important ones:

  • CO: Controlling. It is a specific module for controlling costs, which arises from carrying out a project.
  • MM: Materials Management. Through this module, you will be able to start planning the supply of materials. From the entire logistics chain to the billing process.
  • SD: Sales and Distribution. It involves all the aspects that determine the success of the commercial part of the company. Everything that happens after production.
  • PP: Production Planning. As its name indicates, it encompasses the planning of each and every one of the activities that make up the production process. This is one of the most customizable modules.
  • PM: Plant Maintenance. This is a module that offers you the possibility of making accurate decisions regarding plant maintenance tasks.
  • HR: Human Resources. It will allow you to track payroll, as well as the functions of each of the company’s employees.

Uses of SAP ECC

In essence, SAP ECC will be immersed in all the uses that are addressed through SAP in your business. Consciously or unconsciously, you will be making use of the information generated through each of its modules.

When does SAP ECC support end?

In February 2020, SAP announced the extension of SAP ECC support, until 2030.

Therefore, all the clients that currently use SAP ECC have this deadline to migrate their system to S/4Hana.

What value does ALL SET Consulting bring with in SAP ECC?

At ALL SET Consulting, we have our functional consulting service, where we cover the different modules of SAP ECC. As specialists in migrations to SAP S/4Hana our team is expert in the previous SAP ECC technology, and in the more current SAP S/4Hana and its differences. We will help you make the perfect migration.


Do not hesitate! Contact us, we will be happy to help you.