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What is SAP CRM?

Every product and service company must take into account a key aspect. This is your most valuable asset: Customers.

That is why SAP is no stranger to that principle, and it does so through SAP CRM. It consists of a module, which has the neuralgic function of controlling everything that happens with them.

But having said that, a question arises that is imperative to answer: What is SAP CRM? It can be defined from its acronym in English: Customer Relationship Management.

Translating into Spanish, we can affirm that SAP CRM is a module that allows managing customer relationships. All this in an organized way, thanks to the well-known SAP suite.

This management system helps the company to focus on the requirements and needs of its target audience.

This is why the SAP business suite ultimately represents a management model that drives business growth from reciprocity with a client.

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What is SAP CRM used for?

Among the most outstanding characteristics of SAP CRM, doubtless, it stands out the facilities it offers to undertake operations automatically.

Beyond that, SAP CRM features specialized segments to address e-commerce, as well as marketing and customer service.

This utility serves to generate close productive business relationships, and of course, ensure customer satisfaction.

In addition, you will be able to obtain the metrics and data, to analyze the behavior of your customers.

Benefits of SAP CRM for your business

Among the great benefits known by SAP CRM are:

  • Marketing: Allows you to develop marketing campaigns to offer products or services to the correct customers.
  • Improved Customer Service: It is possible to register customer requirements and needs in a database, in order to serve them globally.
  • Loyalty: With the sales data, it is analyzed if the customer is loyal to the company, and if it is not, you can infer to reverse this scenario.
  • Sales Increase: It allows you to boost sales, based on statistical data on the interests and degree of satisfaction of people with what your company offers.

Who can use SAP CRM?

SAP is a world leader as a suite for different companies and industries. Therefore, any organization that is oriented to customer management can make use of SAP CRM.

What value does ALL SET Consulting provide with SAP CRM?

At ALL SET Consulting, we have our SAP C/4Hana consulting service, where we make a brief summary of the capabilities of the latest version of the SAP CRM in the cloud. Our expert team in the previous CRM and the current C/4Hana, will help you better understand how to continue advancing with your system, and significantly improve the relationship with your customers.

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