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What is SAP Fiori?

For many, when referring to SAP software, it reminds them of a somewhat difficult program to use that does not stand out for its friendly interface. At some point this can be true, however if SAP has become a world leader and benchmark, it has been because of the robustness of the suite.

However, this “unfriendly” interface has been left behind thanks to the appearance of SAP Fiori on the market.

Let’s start with the most important. What is SAP Fiori? It is the graphical environment where a set of SAP transactions and applications are hosted in the cloud. So, let’s proceed to define what it is about:

Overall, SAP Fiori is one of the greatest advances that SAP developers have achieved in terms of renewal and innovation of their features.

Benefits of using SAP Fiori

If there is one characteristic that stands out when you start using SAP Fiori, it is interactivity. That is its main benefit!

In other words, it is intended that users can make the most of the developments presented without major problems … In fact, the software must be as intuitive as possible so that interaction is guaranteed.

Beyond that, here are other advantages to consider:

  • It is very practical: It is designed under a modality that allows you to subdivide tasks in order to reduce their complexity. That way the interface looks much more enhanced.
  • It is adaptable: This is one of the main advantages to take into account. SAP Fiori starts from an environment that adapts to any browser. Therefore, it can be used by all types of user without any problem.
  • Integration possibilities: It establishes a scalable system of background functions in order to enrich its features.
  • It is not alien to SAP: By this we mean that it offers you many of the advantages that you already have through the matrix software. As is the case with top quality technical support service.

Who is it for?

It is intended for any user who has worked, works or has to work with SAP.

SAP Fiori combines the robustness of SAP with the interactivity of today’s tools. Therefore, if you are a person who prioritizes UX (user experience) in their projects. This is the best choice for you!

What value does ALL SET Consulting with Fiori bring to SAP?

At ALL SET Consulting, we have our technical consulting service. Where our experts will advise you on the best way to implement your access to SAP Fiori. Our experience in the latest technologies on the market, guarantee us as the right partner to help you improve the experience of your users thanks to the new SAP interface in Fiori.

Do not hesitate! Contact us, and we will be happy to help you.