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What is a SAP consultant and what do they do?

SAP has emerged as an enterprise resource planning software developed in Germany. The diversity of its functionalities allows it to be a complete tool for organizations.

The SAP consultant develops and implements the different modules in these SAP systems for different clients.

They determine the needs of each client, creating customized SAP solutions and integrating SAP applications with the existing IT infrastructure in organizations.

In addition to the above, they may have a variety of roles depending on the sector in which they operate. And therefore that they have extensive knowledge in the SAP suite both in configuration as well as in design and implementation. Being able in addition to managing a migration, giving technical support and training the end user.

What does a SAP consultant do?

A SAP consultant is often an expert in setting up SAP or customizing software for a customer. They are divided into two categories:

  • Technical (Code development and correction)
  • Functional (configuration and parameterization).

In summary, what a SAP consultant does is ensure the quality of the implementation and its subsequent support, to improve the processes of each client.

How to be a SAP consultant?

Faced with the question of how to be a SAP consultant, it is pertinent to say that to begin the skills that are expected vary according to the context and experience.

But initially, a SAP consultant must have the following skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of SAP (specific modules).
  • Good knowledge of the domain as an ABAP object.
  • Good communication and presentation skills. They are often required to interact with the customer and understand the customer’s requirements. A SAP consultant must be good at explaining technical information to non-technical people.
  • Ability to work in a team and excellent interpersonal skills.

How to choose the best SAP consultant?

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