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What is SAP and what is it for?

What is SAP, is one of the most recurrent questions that companies have when entering the world of business software.

In general terms, SAP is a computer system whose name comes from the acronym for “Systems, Applications and Products” developed by the German company SAP ERP.

Therefore, it can be said that SAP is part of the ERP category (Enterprise resource planning).

What are the SAP objectives? Everything related to the planning and control of activities that involve resources and business processes.

This software offers multiple options for processes to be managed that involve administrative areas, as well as logistics and accounting, among others. In addition, experts indicate that SAP stands out among its competitors for its ease of management.

Here we explain everything you need to know about this powerful system:

What is SAP for?

This tool serves as the ideal assistant that every company should have. Through SAP, it is possible to obtain a comprehensive view of all the resources that interact within the company in order to optimize their use.

Why use SAP?

Because of the wide range of possibilities, it offers under an intuitive and comprehensive platform. Also noteworthy is SAP’s ability to manage a significant mass of data without losing its flexibility.

Without a doubt, it is the most complete ERP software on the market and its long history proves it.

Advantages of using SAP

Once your business personnel have the knowledge of how to use SAP, they can extract multiple operational benefits. Like the ones we present below:

  • All the internal processes of your company will be integrated in the same platform.
  • You will be able to optimize the use of business resources.
  • The planning of activities will be much more complete.
  • Increases the efficiency and profitability of production processes.
  • It allows to keep a record of performance of the various areas that make up the company.
  • It emits data in real time so that decision making will be immediate.

What sectors use SAP?

Within the business field, many sectors are interested in using SAP due to its multiple features. Also, this software is designed in such a way that it does not exclude any type of company.

For this reason, SAP is used by thousands of companies every day, both private and public administration, regardless of the sector in which they are located. There are also no distinctions for the size of the company or the capital they handle.

In summary, the SAP system is the ERP that will allow your organization to optimize internal processes and therefore, make your business grow.

What value does ALL SET Consulting bring?

At ALL SET Consulting, we are experts in any type of SAP consulting. From technical, to functional, through training and resource outsourcing.

Our years of experience and successful projects in different customers around the world, guarantee us as one of the strongest consulting firms globally.

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