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Why SAP?

SAP is recognized as a leader across its portfolio, and a trusted company globally.

The best business software meets today’s needs and allows for future growth – without costly integration.

The key benefits of SAP are:

Rock-solid data security

SAP understands the importance of their customers data, and ensures their privacy rights

Top tier partnerships

Partners as ALL SET Consulting, ensures the knowledge quality of each of their employees, offering top quality SAP services.

The only truly integrated software system

Processes, applications and technologies, are aligned giving the best integrated system in the market

Is SAP only for large companies?

80% of SAP customers are small and mid-size businesses. And ALL SET consulting can help you with the integration/implementation of your SAP project!

Take a look to our SAP services

SAP has proven expertise in 25 industries

  • 208 of the 250 top retailers in the world run SAP solutions.
  • 8/8 of the most innovative automotive companies in the world run SAP solutions.
  • 46 of the 50 world’s safest banks run SAP solutions.
  • 97 out of the top 100 universities in the world run SAP solutions.
  • 7/10 of the best hospitals in the world run SAP solutions.
  • 41,100+ consumer products companies in 134 countries are innovating with SAP solutions.

Do you still need more information?

Contact us and we will arrange a call to give you the right information for your business!